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Dear Valued Customer,

I hope you and your loved ones are healthy, taking precautions to
stay that way and are supporting each other during these
unprecedented times.

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting virtually every part of our
lives, from how our children receive their education to where and
how we perform our jobs. Businesses still open are facing
overwhelmed call centers and busy websites. Others are closed.
We at Marnell Financial Services have been affected, too. First
and foremost, we are taking actions to protect the health of our
team. Tax season usually involves extremely long days, but this
year we need to extra measures to ensure that our peoples’
immune systems are especially strong, and that means adequate
rest. Discontinuing all in-person tax appointments is another
important change we’ve made, as much as we hated to do that.
The Marnell Financial Team is also absorbing the many tax code
ramifications of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic
Security Act, also known as the CARES Act, which was signed
into law on March 27, 2020. When legislation of this magnitude is
passed, it is partially written by Congress, but then cabinet-level
departments and government agencies write the regulations that
bring the new laws to life. Experts then hold seminars that apply
those regulations to real-world scenarios, so accountants know
how to apply them to your taxes. With the CARES Act being
passed just days ago, we are fairly early in that process.
As our valued customer, please know that:

  • You have plenty of time to file your taxes. The deadline to
    file your income taxes has been extended to July 15.
  • We are completing returns as quickly as possible. We
    are experiencing something none of us has ever
    encountered before. Not only is the coronavirus pandemic
    changing the way we work, but we are learning changes to
    the tax code in what would normally be the closing weeks of
    the tax season. New information and guidance is being
    released on an almost daily basis.
  • Stay tuned. We will continue providing you with as much
    timely information as possible and are working on improving
    the way we keep you informed.

  • Thank you for your business and your patience. More to come!