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Our 2020 Tax Preparation Process-Please Review

| January 22, 2021


As we mentioned in our Welcome to Tax Season letter, we have implemented ways to improve our tax preparation process. As a result of the constant tax law changes that have brought many complexities to even the standard tax return, and the COVID-19 pandemic, it was necessary to make procedural modifications to our processes. 

As most of you might recall, during August of 2020 our office was hit with a COVID-19 outbreak. This caused our team many challenges that were hard to overcome personally as well as professionally. We have therefore made a unilateral decision to not have any live appointments in the office, as we are extremely sensitive to your health and the safety of our team. We’ve also made significant changes in our tax preparation process, described below:

 2020 Tax Preparation – Our Process

(Please retain for your records)

      1.Update (Phone Call)

          This scheduled phone call will provide us with the opportunity to learn if you have had any significant life events in 2020 that could affect your tax return, and for you to learn as                well which additional documents will be needed to process your return. If you feel a call is not needed (for the mail-in, drop-off or email clients), none need be scheduled. It’s not              at all obligatory, so if that’s the case, feel free to decline when it’s proposed.

      2. Processing

          We may need additional documents and/or information which we’ll communicate if applicable, but please rest assured that during this step, we’ll be focusing on completing your               return.

      3. Delivery – A Few Different Options are Available

          a. You can receive your results by phone.

          b. You can receive your results by email.

          c. You are welcome to a delivery appointment by phone or video conference (Microsoft Teams). We anticipate these conferences will be especially helpful if there were significant                changes in your income tax situation and results.

          d. If you signed up for your results by phone or email and we determine you should have a closing call or video, you will be contacted for scheduling.

          e. Note: This delivery call/video won’t be scheduled in advance. Once we have completed your return, we will contact you for scheduling.

     4. Pick-Up Completed Return

         After we’ve communicated the results, we’ll check with you as to how you’d like to receive your return – if you prefer being handed the return, you may pick it up at our office, or               we will email it or send it via USPS, FedEx, or other carriers – the choice is yours.

Our goal is to streamline our processing while simultaneously improving client communication and return processing time, assisted by scheduled calls, and we’re looking forward to serving you at the level you expect and deserve.  

As always, please contact us with any questions or concerns.